Rose Consulting Law expands

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Rose Law Consulting expands

VALDOSTA — “It's not for the weak,” Attorney David Rose said of government contract law.

Rose Law Consulting expands

Daniel DeMersseman | The Valdosta Daily Times

Attorney David Rose expected to retire from the military in 2016. He kept the memorial they gave him.

One of Rose's recent cases has grown to more than 5,000 pages. He said he has read every page of the case. 

Moreover, every page gets read by at least two people in his office, Rose said.

He said his diligence has led to a 72 percent success rate while the national success rate is 25 percent.

Rose's diligence also allows him to be selective with cases, he said. 

“They (clients) may have a completely valid reason (for protest), but is it actionable? So we save people a lot of money by not working with them,” Rose said.

By reading the entire case beforehand, Rose knows whether he has a good chance of winning.

He primarily works in protest cases on government contracts. A client files a protest case when another bidder wins a government contract and the client believes the case lost the bid on a technicality.

Rose Law Consulting expands

Daniel DeMersseman | The Valdosta Daily TimesDebbie Rose is the accountant at Rose Consulting Law Firm.

The firm has outgrown its office on Patterson Street this year.

Rose Consulting Law Firm has its own home at 106 West North Street now.

The firm primarily handles federal government contracts, protests, claims, construction law, business law and personal injury..

Rose Consulting has 4 other offices nation-wide but carries two attorneys, Dave Rose and Tripp Castleberry in its Valdosta location.

Castleberry handles numerous personal injury cases.

“We also handle DUI cases,” Rose said.

Rose said the DUI and injury cases bring some variety into his work routine.

The firm has clients in all 50 states as well as the Middle East and other locations internationally.

Rose himself was born overseas in Okinawa.

Rose Law Consulting expands

Submitted Photo - Attorney David Rose has been in the military for 35 years.

“I like to joke, ‘Like every good American product, I was born in Japan,'” Rose said.

Rose's father was in the military. His family moved to the United States when he was about 9 or 10 when his father served as a medical doctor in the Vietnam War. 

David Rose joined the military in 1983.  

“I started in the Army, then went into the Navy, then went into the Air Force,” Rose said.

Rose has been in the military 35 years. He was on active duty for 12 years with explosive-ordinance disposal, the “bomb squad.”

Rose said he was supposed to retire from the Air Force in 2016 but his papers didn't go through.

Rose Law Consulting expands

Daniel DeMersseman | The Valdosta Daily TimesAttorney Tripp Castleberry keeps busy at Rose Consulting Law Firm.

Rose was given a wall decoration mistakenly listing his years from 1983-2016. He kept it.

“The internet's been a game-changer,” Rose said. “It allowed me to move (from his Atlanta office) to Valdosta to be closer to Mom.”

Rose's mom lives in Valdosta.

Rose Consulting Law Firm is located at 106 W. North St. and is is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The business can be contacted at its Valdosta number (229) 244-3825 or Atlanta number (678) 854-0222.

Rose Law Consulting expands

Daniel DeMersseman | The Valdosta Daily Times Brooke Bazin is a paralegal at Rose Consulting Law Firm.

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David Rose

David A. Rose, Esq., is a senior member of the firm practicing throughout the United States and internationally based in Georgia. In addition to Federal Contracts and Procurement law, he assists companies and corporations with business formation issues (LLCs, Domestic Corporations, Joint Ventures, Teaming Arrangements, 8(a) and Small Disadvantaged Applications to SBA, Mentor Protégé, Affiliation and Ostensible Subcontractor Issues, etc.) and with the establishment of subsidiary entities in foreign locations from the Caribbean to the Mid and Far East. With more than 20 years of experience, the former Deputy General Counsel (Deputy Staff Judge Advocate) of the Air Force Center for Engineering and Environmental Excellence, oversaw the legal program for execution of over $4 Billion in Federal contracts each year. Dave has served at senior positions in Korea, Japan, Germany, Great Britain and the Pentagon and now brings that breadth of knowledge and experience to the commercial sector. His background is complemented by degrees in chemistry, mathematics, a jurisdoctorate, and post doctoral degrees in environmental law and procurement law from George Washington University. He was most recently selected as the 2011 SAME National Industry Small Business Advocate. He is active in the State Bar of Georgia, US Court of Federal Claims, US Tax Court, Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, Fulton County Bar Association, the Society of American Military Engineers, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Judge Advocates Association. He currently holds the active rank of Lt Col in the United States Air Force Reserves and the position of Deputy Staff Judge Advocate (Cat A) to the Headquarters, United States Air Force Reserves where he is one of the primary legal advisers to the Commanding Officer of the Air Force Reserves, Lt General Scobee.


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