Training and Continuing Education

Rose Consulting has a rich history of providing cost effective to companies tailored to their specific training needs.

Areas in which Rose Consulting can provide comprehensive training include:

How to Launch a Protest

How to prepare Protests & Claims

Teaming Agreements

Joint Ventures

Mentor Protege Programs

What to look for in a Government Contract

17 Must Haves for a Subcontract

Transitioning from a Small Business to a Large Business


Let us know all of your Training Needs. Our teaching staff has decades of experience in the A/E, environmental, construction and Government Contracts area.

Note - In most cases, all of our courses and programs qualify for CEU, CLE and CPE credit!

Skilled Senior Attorneys

The firm is careful whom it employs and only allows the best and brightest to join. Our firm is very good at what it does and we never step out of our areas of practice. Rest assured that if we accept an issue from you to resolve, it will be managed with the highest regard for your welfare.