Personal Injury

Accidents Happen

Let's Face It. Accidents Happen. 

But if an accident occurs that puts you out of work, or causes you serious injury, and someone else causes it, the law will generally require them to compensate you for those injuries and losses.

If you have been injured by another's negligence, you are probably feeling hurt, confused, and yes, possibly even angry. That is normal. But you have rights and you should allow a professional to manage those rights for you so you don't have to worry while you focus on what is important - YOU!

Moser Rose has been practicing law in and around Valdosta for a long time. We have a genuine vested interest in the community and the people who live here. We offer a free consultation about your personal injury case. 

Come in and speak to an experienced attorney who will listen to what happened to you.

Give us a call now. We are happy to make an appointment with no obligation.

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Skilled Senior Attorneys

The firm is careful whom it employs and only allows the best and brightest to join. Our firm is very good at what it does and we never step out of our areas of practice. Rest assured that if we accept an issue from you to resolve, it will be managed with the highest regard for your welfare.