General Counsel Services

For Start-Ups and Small Businesses, we offer a unique service and pricing structure known as our General Counsel Program. For a reduced (or small business) rate we handle all corporate and commercial legal matters for our Start-Up and Small Business clients. Our experienced attorneys, many of them former in-house counsel, are committed to helping our clients in all aspects of their business needs and problem solving while pursuing their Entrepreneurial American Dream without the overhead associated with employing full-time in-house counsel.

Rose Consulting offers your company legal services as if we were your own in-house attorney – we take the time to learn about your business and its operations, so that whenever you seek legal and/or business advice, we can counsel you and provide solutions in the context of that knowledge. While serving as General Counsel, we handle transactional matters such as business formation issues, contracts, licensing, non-disclosure agreements, corporate finance, and labor and employment issues. Litigation management is included; however, litigation must be negotiated separately. 

A sampling of the services we offer in this practice area:
Corporate Governance 
Real Estate
Landlord/tenant relationships
Litigation Management
Mergers and Acquisitions
Employment/Human Resources
Litigation Management

Skilled Senior Attorneys

The firm is careful whom it employs and only allows the best and brightest to join. Our firm is very good at what it does and we never step out of our areas of practice. Rest assured that if we accept an issue from you to resolve, it will be managed with the highest regard for your welfare.