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Join Us at the Following Conferences

Permanent Attendances Each Year

  • National 8(a) Conference - Nashville, TN (Gaylord Hotel) January 30-February 1
  • National Procurement Conference - Washington D.C., April 19
  • SAME Joint Engineer Training Conference Columbus OH May 23-25ansas City, MO May 25-28
  • SE/SC Joint Engineer Training Symposium, San Destin, FL, September 12-14
  • SAME National Small Business Conference, new Orleans, LA, October 30 - November 2
  • National Association of Ordnance Contractors (EOD), San Diego, CA, December 6-7
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Skilled Senior Attorneys

The firm is careful whom it employs and only allows the best and brightest to join. Our firm is very good at what it does and we never step out of our areas of practice. Rest assured that if we accept an issue from you to resolve, it will be managed with the highest regard for your welfare.