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BEWARE 8(a)s - A Teaming Agreement can be Seen as a Breach of Your Program Agreement! 

Proposed Rule and Proposed Guidance implementing the “Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces” 

New Rules Changes to Subcontracting Plans and Good Faith Efforts to use Subs used on Bid Preparation

Changes to the SBA Mentor Protege Program and Joint Venture Agreements

Changes to the Small Business Act Proposed by the Small Business Administration 12-29-2014

The SBA releases new size standards within the construction and power industries

The New SBA Mentor Protege Program under the 2013 Defense Authorization Act

The Rule of Two at VA: When can a small business force a set aside - Aldevera explained 

Advantages of Small Business Mentor Protege Programs Across the Federal Agencies

Joint Venture Agreements with Small Business

Teaming and Joint Venture Agreements - A Brief Guide

Summary of Changes to the 8(a) Business Development Small Business Size Regulations

The Department of Veteran's Affairs Publishes Final Rule on CVE Program for Small

Beware Of Affiliation: The Ostensible Subcontractor Rule Is Still Alive And Well In The Limitations

The New 8(m) Woman Owned Small Business Rule

H.R. 5297, Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, signed in to Law on September 27, 2010

Government Proposal Preparation Checklist

How to Interpret the SBA Proposed Changes to Mentor-Protégé Joint Venture Rules    

17 Must Haves for Government Subcontracts

How to Prepare for a DCAA Audit

Joint Venture Chart DAR.pdf
2016 Joint Venture Chart

Bankruptcy Court – Middle District of Georgia

Georgia Department of Education

Georgia Statutes and Administrative Laws

EM 385 slides16-34.pdf
New changes to EM-385-1

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