Veteran Owned Businesses

Veteran Owned and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses are a special status of companies in our country that deservedly receive preferential treatment with regards to Federal contracts. Drafting of Joint Venture, arrangements for bonding and teaming agreements requires knowledge of several sets of regulations and governance varies depending on the agency from whom the procurement is sought. While Veterans are dearly respected by the contracting agencies, protests of awards in this area are high and the time and effort spent in proper legal procedures is well worth avoiding a loss to a competitor in a Protest. Call us for assistance.

Skilled Senior Attorneys

The firm is careful whom it employs and only allows the best and brightest to join. Our firm is very good at what it does and we never step out of our areas of practice. Rest assured that if we accept an issue from you to resolve, it will be managed with the highest regard for your welfare.